Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sesame Street songs

One of the hazards of parenthood is getting kids songs stuck in your head. There is a particularly catchy one called “set your piggies free”, about the joys of being barefoot, sung by ziggy marley. Tonight we sang it to Aglet!


Tooth brushing

He is very enthusiastic about it. Auntie Abby says that she likes how the bristles are safely pointed away from any teeth.


Happy anniversary to us!

Six months ago today, we got off a plane in Minnesota, exhausted and starving, two of us happy to be home, three of us happy to not be on a plane anymore.

He said “I love you dinner!” to his Deepa L on the phone today, spent some time this morning elbow wrestling with one of the dogs, and ate dumplings and rice and pork at Tea House for a celebration dinner.


We had Peking Shredded Pork, chicken in garlic sauce, juicy buns, and dumplings.


I love this kid so very much. I am so so happy to be here with him.