Making us dinner

This is what happens when he knows where the strainers live and I leave the spatulas on the counter.

But he’s really excited about it. Do they have toddler cooking classes?


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  1. I’ve seen ’em hereabouts; the Willy Street Co-op has done classes like that, and I know the community center near us is big on that kind of thing. I think the school/community resource folks have held parent/kid cooking classes, too, though possibly geared toward slightly older kids.

    Love to watch the budding chef working with his tools…! Thanks so much for sharing these glimpses, my friend – we enjoy the chance to follow along vicariously. Sending hugs!

  2. They do! I know that in the Eden Prairie Savage area they do a ages 3 to 6 parent and child cooking class at the Way Cool Cooking School.

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