Monthly Archives: August 2012

Haircut and an anniversary

Aglet got his hairs cut today! Very quiet and still during the haircut. After that, we had lunch.


Today is his two year finding day anniversary. Please don’t say congratulations. Two years ago, his birth parents got him dressed, said goodbye, and left him somewhere where he’d be found quickly. He’s not lucky– that is a purely awful thing to happen to a sweet baby. We are lucky, because we get to raise him, we get to see his shining face in the morning, we get to be the ones who hear “Mama! Baba!” and have him run headlong into us. But I am so sad for him, and for his birth parents.

Fest again today.

We went to fest again today. It rained in the morning, and Aglet had a great time throwing juggling balls at very forgiving jugglers.


Then we came home and Aglet fell asleep in the car. I, being able to learn from my mistakes, drove around and then parked but did not get out of the car.



We went to a noodle shop at rice and larpenteur last night, enoodle cafe. Tasty. Aglet liked it and so did we. Get the lunch portions- cheaper, and still plenty of food! Have pictures of everyone!





I just told Matt that I loved him, and a little voice from the bathtub pipes up “I love youuu”! Aw! Just imitating me at this point, but soon he will say it on his own.

Daycare soon

I go back to work in September. Today I called our daycare to be, and made arrangements to stop by on Friday and get paperwork. I am sad about this but also happy- I am not great at being a full time stay at home mom, and I miss my work. But I’m going to miss Aglet too. Who else is going to feed me Cheerios and bite me and then cackle uproariously? If I could do work halftime and stay at home halftime, that’d be awesome.

Here he is, just waking up from a nap, brutally assaulted by the red eye guard my flash on my phone has.