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  1. That looks delicious! I like how he has a balanced diet of colors laid out. Do you think he is old enough to help you cut out biscuits or knead bread yet?

      • When one of my brothers was about Aglet’s age, he was so excited to tell my mother what we had gotten her for Mother’s Day. “Mom! Mom! We got you a BOX WITH A DOOR ON IT!”

      • Also, in a geek answer syndrome way: Bisquick makes awesome biscuits and you get to the rolling things out stage much more quickly with it.

  2. Mmmm, stewed Legos – one of my favorites!

    We had our kiddos stirring things when they were about that age. They helped mix up ground meat for meatloaf, stirred eggs for scrambled eggs, stirred the cream into Daddy’s coffee – stuff like that. I think it was about that age, too, when we started letting them spread things like butter and peanut butter on bread. As long as you don’t mind cleaning up the inevitable spills, there are things a two-year-old can do to “help” with cooking. For what it’s worth, both of ours (now in their late 20s) are excellent cooks who truly enjoy playing in the kitchen.

    Hope you and the Juggler and the Aglet enjoy those yummy Legos!

  3. If you ever want to get started, come on over! I set up Katy to mix up our breakfast most weekends. There’s a bit of cleanup after but she digs eating the food she “cooks”. We’d love to meet Aglet! ~steph

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