Monthly Archives: June 2015

Pride tomorrow

So we got haircuts today. Like you do. Tomorrow, off to the park to see all the lovely happy people, the rainbows, and eat mini donuts. It’s about, I tell them, how some people think that girls shouldn’t love girls, and boys shouldn’t love boys, but that’s silly, and we are very proud of who we are, so we have a big party in a park with rainbows. #bipride (the kids have not mentioned any opinions on the subject of who they might love yet.)


Headed to watch a dance concert

Minneapolis is lucky enough to have multiple Chinese dance companies in the area, and today we went to see the Minnesota Chinese Dance Theater concert. The kids were astonishingly well behaved for a very long time. Also, and not coincidentally, they loved the concert. Aglet is re enacting the opening dance whenever he gets a minute. Here they are, dressed up for the show.


Field trip!

on Friday, Rhizome and I took a field trip downtown for lunch. We also stopped in at my work, because why not.

On the train downtown:

In the office:


Playing at the fountain waiting to go home on the train: