Monthly Archives: March 2009

i can no longer rob banks.

a) uscis fingerprints are done. went to the office a mile from my house. i am glad i brought a book– it took a while, but was easy once i got there, although i learned more about fat women married to little people who are cheating on them with their mothers than i ever wanted to know. daytime tv is weird.

b) godot is going to either public or private school. the local friends school if i can figure out the money. one of the local public schools if i can’t. i disagree firmly with homeschooling. it might be more accurate to say that i disagree wildly with it. i’m not saying i’m not going to teach godot things at home, because trust me, i am. we’re going to be working on reading from the second we get home, and sometime in elementary school algebra problems are going to make an appearance, and i have been buying reference books for *years* so that godot can read them. this, for reference, is similar to what my parents did with me.

does this bus go beep beep?

since last we saw our fearless heroine…

i have turned in my dossier, it has been noted as complete and is off having whatever done to it by the agency.

i am trying to make an appointment to get my fingerprints done in, say, the twin cities metro area. they made an appointment for me IN DULUTH that i am rescheduling.

and i got an email newsletter today from the agency saying twelve to eighteen month wait times. grrrr.

nothing to do but wait, though. wait, save money, think of how much more vacation time i could save up in an additional six months, think of how much more money i could save up in an additional six months, gnaw my arm off, buy crib sheets, that sort of thing.