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i can no longer rob banks.

a) uscis fingerprints are done. went to the office a mile from my house. i am glad i brought a book– it took a while, but was easy once i got there, although i learned more about fat women married to little people who are cheating on them with their mothers than i ever wanted to know. daytime tv is weird.

b) godot is going to either public or private school. the local friends school if i can figure out the money. one of the local public schools if i can’t. i disagree firmly with homeschooling. it might be more accurate to say that i disagree wildly with it. i’m not saying i’m not going to teach godot things at home, because trust me, i am. we’re going to be working on reading from the second we get home, and sometime in elementary school algebra problems are going to make an appearance, and i have been buying reference books for *years* so that godot can read them. this, for reference, is similar to what my parents did with me.