Monthly Archives: May 2015


We went to WisCon over the holiday weekend, and it was a little stressful. Aglet and Rhizome came down with strep, and this needed to spend a lot of time in the room instead of in childcare, so we did not make it out to meet my friend C and her kids on Saturday, I volunteered barely at all, and Matt only saw one panel. But we ate a lot of ice cream, spent a lot of time in the room, and lived through it thanks to pediatric urgent care.

Out at dinner, infecting out dinner companions.

Coloring in the hotel room.


Aglet, with a fever.


Ice cream is good for sore throats.


Rhizome got two pair of sunglasses over the weekend and was pretty happy about it.


Kids are MAGIC

Tonight, someone said to me, “You looking?”

This, just hours after I had asked her for the forty seventh time if I had to go to the bathroom. She has stopped giving me a weird look when I ask her that, if that gives you an idea of how often I do it.