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homestudy part one

i think i will post this here, because currently, i read this and carrie reads this and no one else. so, by the time this url is more widely circulated, this will have been resolved in some way. so i get to write about it but not have to process it in great detail where all i can think to do right now is fret.


so, i had the first meeting with my social worker for my homestudy today. it went pretty well. i mean, the do i get along with my social worker and does she seem to think i’m a competent adult who could be trusted with a baby (yes, she does) part went well.

the part where ethiopia considering changing their stance on single women and going to a quota system and i may or may not make it in under the wire is kind of freaking me the fuck out.

having a nervous breakdown will not in fact improve my chances, but it’s pretty damn tempting.

i will know more on friday. that’s what i know for right now. now i just have to get to friday from here.

application in

from my agency’s internal site:

Date My Adoption Event

i don’t know why it says september for the completion; i just handed them the most recent stack of stuff this week. but there we go.

and as i said, this upcoming week is CLEANING FRANTICALLY.


i got a call from my social worker this morning, and the home study is scheduled for next week! tuesday afternoon at the agency, friday morning here at the house.

i’m more excited about this than that sounds. i’m pretty emotionally flat at the moment; it’s been a very up and down week. on the one hand, great adoption news, things are progressing, it’s all great; on the other hand, i’d gone out with this guy a few times and i thought things were going well but apparently he didn’t agree with me. so, this is pretty much simultaneously the best week i’ve had in a while and the worst week i’ve had in a while.

now, i just have to clean the house and get everything i’d rather not have to explain to the social worker put away by next friday. that’ll be exciting.

the paperwork to complete the application is in. i had a goal to get it in by halloween, but my agency, um, could use a techwriter. because what they were asking for in one question seems to have not been what they wanted, so i have spent a few weeks chasing that down. but i finally gave up, emailed them in frustration with my insurance company, and was told that what i had in my grubby little hands was fine.

so, yesterday i dropped it off.

hopefully they will review it, all will be well, and then the homestudy will be scheduled. that is my plan, anyhow.