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homestudy part one

i think i will post this here, because currently, i read this and carrie reads this and no one else. so, by the time this url is more widely circulated, this will have been resolved in some way. so i get to write about it but not have to process it in great detail where all i can think to do right now is fret.


so, i had the first meeting with my social worker for my homestudy today. it went pretty well. i mean, the do i get along with my social worker and does she seem to think i’m a competent adult who could be trusted with a baby (yes, she does) part went well.

the part where ethiopia considering changing their stance on single women and going to a quota system and i may or may not make it in under the wire is kind of freaking me the fuck out.

having a nervous breakdown will not in fact improve my chances, but it’s pretty damn tempting.

i will know more on friday. that’s what i know for right now. now i just have to get to friday from here.