Monthly Archives: May 2013

More drawing

Aglet woke up, and I’m waiting for him to go back to sleep, so have some blogging.

Auntie Abby and Uncle Aaron got aglet a doodler for his birthday. He has been doing more representational drawing recently.

Here we are:


He has also drawn some lovely art decoish flowers, and himself surrounded by girls.

Joe Cool

So my friend Katie saw this awesome hoodie and asked if Aglet needed it. Of course he did!

Here he is, this morning, after having put it on himself and asked for help with the hood.


Sleepy aglet

We rearranged Aglet’s bedroom again, which makes him be a snuggle monster for a while. So here he is, having fallen asleep on my lap, with me taking a picture before I figure out how to get us out of the chair and him into bed without me waking him.



For Aglet’s birthday last week, we went to his three year checkup (verdict: awesome!) and then out to dinner at tea house! Soup dumplings, potstickers, rice, chicken. That’s what we had!