We went to WisCon over the holiday weekend, and it was a little stressful. Aglet and Rhizome came down with strep, and this needed to spend a lot of time in the room instead of in childcare, so we did not make it out to meet my friend C and her kids on Saturday, I volunteered barely at all, and Matt only saw one panel. But we ate a lot of ice cream, spent a lot of time in the room, and lived through it thanks to pediatric urgent care.

Out at dinner, infecting out dinner companions.

Coloring in the hotel room.


Aglet, with a fever.


Ice cream is good for sore throats.


Rhizome got two pair of sunglasses over the weekend and was pretty happy about it.


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  1. Awesome photo of Rhizome in her shades!

    I wish the weekend had been less stressful for all of you, but we both know that those things just come with the territory. And at least we had a chance to see you guys, and Rhizome learned some new words, and there was ice cream and coloring and sunglasses. And there will be other times, too.

    Sending hugs, and I hope everyone recovers in a hurry! Take care, much love always.

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