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more waiting.

still nothing happening but the waiting. the projected wait time for people in my program has increased, again. so now, sometime in 2010, and that’s about all i know. i’m sad, but hanging in there, because the rest of my life is really good right now.

referral timeline

so, my agency, i love them. but i find their writing styles a little incomprehensible some days. they sent out an email about wait times, and i found it a little unclear, so i asked ’em about it.

here is what they said:

Families who are interested in adopting one child have so far waited approximately 13-14 months.

this made me cry at work and then bounce up and down uncontrollably. because i am a family. who is interested in adopting one child. and that 13-14 month wait time? started in february. february! so, next march or april, i will (god willing and the river don’t rise) get a referral.

things will change. things always change. but for now, i’m happy!

(also, have started a dorky scrapbook. dorky! but heartfelt in its dorkiness.)

does this bus go beep beep?

since last we saw our fearless heroine…

i have turned in my dossier, it has been noted as complete and is off having whatever done to it by the agency.

i am trying to make an appointment to get my fingerprints done in, say, the twin cities metro area. they made an appointment for me IN DULUTH that i am rescheduling.

and i got an email newsletter today from the agency saying twelve to eighteen month wait times. grrrr.

nothing to do but wait, though. wait, save money, think of how much more vacation time i could save up in an additional six months, think of how much more money i could save up in an additional six months, gnaw my arm off, buy crib sheets, that sort of thing.