Sorry for the quiet 

The kids’ grandma, my mom, is pretty sick, which uses all my “think of witty things to say” processing power. So have a picture dump. Your job- come up with witty things to say about them.  I know you’re sorry about my mom, you don’t need to say that part. Just make me laugh.

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  1. Pic #1: But kids, I thought Edna Mode said “No Capes!”

    Pic #5: Artist at work creating the next Great Masterpiece.

    and Pic #6: Why the birdface when you have such a dapper tie?

  2. I’m short on wit tonight, but Yay Superheroes in #1!

    And the face in #6 just made me giggle loudly enough that the tuxedo boys gave me the ineffable expression that only a cat can manage that says “you are an idiot and you have interrupted our nap. Now go get us crunchy noms because THAT is your job, not making that ridiculous noise at the strange thing on the table in front of you.”

    Hugs, now and always.

  3. #5 It looks like she’s drawing a wizard to bring good luck to you all! #6 He looks very handsome and also a bit like a pilgrim. 🙂

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