Xymox is not a happy camper all the time.

By which I mean we have no pictures with smiles yet. I have a hope for eventual smiles.

Referral picture:


Picture from update this week:


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  1. Does Xymox worry about being eaten by a moose? They’re awfully big. I bet they slobber.

    How does Xymox’s age compare with Aglet?

  2. You know, I recall the photos of Aglet before you met him, and I don’t recall a single smile in any of them. He sure has made up for it since he came home with you guys, and I’m betting his brother will do the same.

    So delighted to see photos appear here, and am hoping hard this bodes well for good progress on the timeline objectives. Hugs!

  3. Betsy–I haven’t read blogs for a long time. so excited for you and your soon to be son! He is adorable.
    Aglet is pretty adorable too–can’t believe he is so big.

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