Large gatherings, still hard

We, all three of us, went to a party this after noon. Aglet eventually relaxed and had a good time (once he found the didgeridoo), but he’s had a bumpy evening afterwards. So, we may be a little scarce at further holiday gatherings this year. It’s not that we don’t love you, it’s that for all he’s adapted so very well, he is still new here and this is hard.

Have a picture of our brave little guy cutting rice up into smaller pieces. Or something.


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  1. Actually, it sounds to me like the Aglet is showing commendable sense. I’ve been practicing going to large gatherings for over half a century now, and I still get anxious and weirded out by them.

    Sending hugs!

    • How old is mishka? Maybe we should have a play date. I vote your house because its bigger, but also because she hasn’t been home as long, so having it in her space makes more sense. Aglet is 2.5.

      • We’ve love to have you over for a play date. Let’s touch base about it after the madness of x-mas. Chronologically she is almost 4. She’s like having an infant. toddler and small child all wrapped up in one.

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