Monthly Archives: September 2012

Unexpected start to the week

Monday I was going to go back to work. Noooo. Aglet has strep. His fever has broken, he’s doing well on the antibiotics, and back to daycare for him and back to work for me tomorrow, assuming that my sore throat is psychosomatic.

Aglet Monday:


(third shirt of the day, it says future queen. Hey, a mama can hope he’ll be a drag queen. I bet mamas get into the shows for free.)

Aglet today-


Playing in the backyard! Perky as all get out. And now it’s naptime.

From a box in the basement!

Aglet loooves Elmo’s World. He can sing the theme and everything. So when I remembered that I had an Elmo in the basement in a box, I really had no choice but to put it in his bed in the middle of the night.

So far, a hit. Here he is, showing Elmo how to chew a cheerio.


waving, at the doctor

we had another doctors appointment today. he was awesomely well behaved, although right now he is upstairs trying to explain to his baba that he would like to see his shop steward now if not sooner. the appointment took us through lunch and then into naptime by quite a bit. ah, well. next appointment is way earlier in the morning, so it will just mean we’ll be up unreasonably early (oh, wait, i have a small child, i’m up unreasonably early every day) and then off to the u for another blood draw.

there was elmo in the waiting room. and chairs that were good for dancing on before mama makes you stop.


More fest!

Our friend CJ made Aglet a fest outfit. So we dressed up this morning and went to go visit Baba. First pic is fishing for juggling clubs, second pic is with Aglet’s new friend Rob.