Monthly Archives: August 2012

Missed a day!

Yesterday we went and bought some photo albums, and a backpack with an extendo leash (he will usually hold our hands. Usually!), and then we stopped to run around a part of Como Park for a while. This was all very exciting and caused him to fall asleep at the wrong time. Drat. But here he is, running around the park.


an update

things have settled down somewhat around here– we are leaving the house a fair bit, but not interacting with too many people when we do, and the number of people who get to come into the house has been greatly limited– pretty much family only at this point. so, his sleep is going better, and he’s having an easier time of it during the day as well.

tomorrow, grandma and grandpa e come over and bring dinner. i foresee some playing in the yard and perhaps a trip to the park, since grandpa e is secretly tigger. (don, do you read this? šŸ™‚