Daycare soon

I go back to work in September. Today I called our daycare to be, and made arrangements to stop by on Friday and get paperwork. I am sad about this but also happy- I am not great at being a full time stay at home mom, and I miss my work. But I’m going to miss Aglet too. Who else is going to feed me Cheerios and bite me and then cackle uproariously? If I could do work halftime and stay at home halftime, that’d be awesome.

Here he is, just waking up from a nap, brutally assaulted by the red eye guard my flash on my phone has.


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  1. It’s too bad you can’t do half time. They of course have to give you the same time off that they would for someone who had a bio baby. When I brought the kiddo home I was able to work part time and stretch that 6 months out much longer.

  2. I get that. I love my sons, but lord God I love my job and it is my escape from kids 24/7. I would be lost without my work!

  3. I was very lucky. For quite a while, I worked 2 days & 1 night, ~25-28 hrs avg. And my employer paid 100% of the family’s health insurance. Later, on a job with 24/7 coverage, we (my team) each had 1 day/wk we worked from home unless there was a crisis. You might be able to work a little something out – even just leaving early makes a difference…

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