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Post from hong kong

I probably won’t be able to publish this til I get home. But today we drove from GZ to HK in a van, over naptime. Ha ha ha mistake. The trip went well- the Aglet napped during the trip and looked out the window and we stopped at a rest stop and I used a squat toilet and I did not pee on my shorts. I call that a victorious day.

He also engaged in some strenuous cuddling with Matt while we were waiting to get through HK customs.

But then we got to the hotel, and it was past naptime but there needed to be more nap and let the meltdown begin. I have baby fluids ground into the shoulders of my shirt. Fortunately it’s an airport hotel, so when I went for a walk once the Aglet was out, they are used to people looking a wee bit disheveled. Whew.

Naptime is almost done, so soon we will go to the hotel gift shop of awesomeness, and then to the one restaurant with a kids menu.

Rest day today

Nothing on the schedule today or tomorrow, other than packing and sink laundry. So, in the am, we walked around the garden.


I didn’t used to have nightmares about fish. But I think I’ll start.

Later this afternoon, swim time! Also, we’ll get all his paperwork back from the embassy via our guide. But, first, bath time pic!