Eating breakfast outside!

Well, brunch. Everyone says sunlight helps with jetlag.

(before you even think about uttering something about don’t let him sleep so late, let me know if you can be at my house tonight 1030-2 so *I* don’t need to sleep so late…)


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  1. Eh. Sleep when you sleep; let him do the same. Eventually, you’ll all get on a compatible schedule if you don’t introduce a lot of angst about it, is my belief from experience. He’s really beautiful, you know. I don’t like to gush too much about physical beauty, but he’s like wow.

  2. One of the most important lessons I learned as a parent was to pick my battles wisely. And battling with a jet-lagged two-year-old over when to sleep is *NOT* a wise choice. So kudos to you for taking good care of both of you!

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