The dragon that goes BLAAAH is a big hit

He puts it in his backpack, he takes it out of his backpack. Then, he walked around the room, pressing it’s belly, waiting for the BLAAAH and then waving. Then, he would start saying nihao! when he made it go BLAAAH. I tried to get a picture of exactly that, but I get the camera out and over he runs to see if he can play with it.




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  1. My two sons, Oliver & Elliott, are LOVING these pictures! Elliott keeps saying, “What’s that baby’s name who likes the Cheerios again?” And Oliver thought we should offer to come over to your house when you get home to help explain to agelet what has just happened to him (adoption) because Oliver knows what it’s like to go through this, too! I had to explain that agelet is not going to understand English for awhile… : ) Anyway, they would LOVE to meet him some day – maybe a playtime at the park once you’re settled and ready for an outing. Very best wishes for safe and easy travels home – to the newest little American boy in town & his mommy & daddy, too!

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