longer post from hangzhou

We are checked into our hotel room at the Ramada Plaza Hangzhou. I cracked open the Fried Prawn Flavor potato chips– I haven’t been brave enough to open the fish hot and sour soup flavor.

I just unpacked the Aglet’s stuff into the drawers. It’s 315pm here in Hangzhou, and sometime around 9am tomorrow they hand him over. I’m a little nervous.

It’s roughly a million and seven degrees here, and humid. We’ve been in the room since we got here and will likely stay in the room for a few more hours, and then out for dinner. Perhaps someplace adventurous like Pizza Hut, which I’ve been told is just across the street. (Travelling with someone who is not an adventurous eater is a little hard. He’ll eat nearly anything, but he is not the one who says “That looks cool, let’s try that!)

So far, I have been very glad that I brought a light cardigan (for the flights), sudafed (for the flights), and the wireless router, even though I can’t get it to work today. It worked in Beijing and I’m going to try it again tomorrow.

We could have bought a stroller here, but I am happy to have it, because it makes me think happy thoughts about the baby shower. Also, it’s orange. We did buy qtips here. And I could have bought not just shampoo but pantene three different places in beijing. If you haven’t travelled yet, if you’re going to be spending time in a decent size city (don’t rely on if you’ve heard of it; look it up on wikipedia and if it’s more than a million people you’ll be fine) you can probably buy nearly anything at a convenience store around the corner.

I had purple congee and a tea egg on the flight here. I have no idea what would have made the congee purple. The texture is like oatmeal. Now I want to make both of these at home all the time.

Next post, pictures!


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  1. /is jealous of your travelling companion
    Since he does not eat adventurously without prompting, I would like to offer to be Stand In Companion so that I may eat All The Fun Things. Please?

  2. Ooh. I’m curious what Chinese Pizza Hut serves.

    Did you like the fried prawn chips? We liked the prawn cocktail chips in NZ. I don’t think we saw fried prawn.

  3. m. socks, they tasted like cocktail sauce and something else i couldn’t figure out. okay, but not my favorite. today, i got tomato flavor.

  4. Tea eggs are so easy with a crock pot! Maybe I can make some tomorrow. There’s purple/black rice, so maybe that was the secret congee ingredient.

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