Monthly Archives: June 2012

i have two bins of crap (by which i mean stuff that needs packing) in the living room, and now we are doing laundry like crazy. we need to go fold four loads of laundry before we can go to bed. (including LITTLE TINY TODDLER SOCKS FOR LITTLE TINY TODDLER FEET AAAAGH SO CUTE) ahem. the wireless router is configured, the vpn works, we have our passports, we have money in various ways although i forgot to pick up deposit tickets while i was at the bank today so back to the bank for me, the dogsitting is arranged, gifts are wrapped, shower is on sunday, we get on a plane to china on tuesday, and oh boy.

we get to meet the aglet on july 2nd.


soooo. we’re travelling to china at the end of the month. the aglet is now 25 months, will be 26 months when we get there. he’s 33 inches tall. he has 16 teeth.

i am busily concatenating packing lists. we have our suitcases decided, we’ll see if everything fits.

on monday or tuesday we will find out when our consulate appointment is, which will determine when we leave. we hope to travel to beijing, then to hangzhou where the aglet is, then to guangzhou where the embassy is. i just reset my wordpress password, so i hope to be able to post from china, with pictures. šŸ™‚