godot’s special needs

i keep getting asked this, so i want to answer it here.

godot has some special health needs. however, here are the two things you need to know about that.

first: i live less than ten miles from the u of m hospital system. they are AWESOME. i know some details about his medical needs, and it’s nothing the u of m can’t handle.

second: that’s about as much as is going to be shared with the world. should you turn out to be a medical professional who works at the u of m hospitals, well, then when we have an appointment with you, we’ll fill you in.

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  1. As long as I’m not accidentally going to cause a hospital visit by bringing peanuts too close (or, more likely, by knitting a sweater with wool in it), I’m cool with that.
    Totally unrelatedly, LMK if aglet expresses any color preferences.

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