referral timeline

so, my agency, i love them. but i find their writing styles a little incomprehensible some days. they sent out an email about wait times, and i found it a little unclear, so i asked ’em about it.

here is what they said:

Families who are interested in adopting one child have so far waited approximately 13-14 months.

this made me cry at work and then bounce up and down uncontrollably. because i am a family. who is interested in adopting one child. and that 13-14 month wait time? started in february. february! so, next march or april, i will (god willing and the river don’t rise) get a referral.

things will change. things always change. but for now, i’m happy!

(also, have started a dorky scrapbook. dorky! but heartfelt in its dorkiness.)

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