well, hello there.

for some reason, i feel a little weird talking about this whole future kid thing on my regular blog, yet creating another easily googleable by my name blog seems fine. the brain is a strange place.

so, lo these many years ago, i was married. and i wanted a kid, and he didn’t. there are various other details, but that’s the important one for right now. we then got divorced.

i have spent a few years saving money, buying a house, getting a job that pays well enough and that i like well enough to stay at for a while, where while means years and years and years.

and now here i am, settled, and all of that, and i turned in the adoption application on july 3rd.

i am currently on hold until september first; i still have a housemate who will be moving out, so the options are have her do all the paperwork as well, or else wait until september first. so, i’m waiting. i’m using this time to practice being patient, as it’s never been my strong point, and i hear i’m going to need it.

besides, what’s waiting until september first when i’ve been waiting since 2002?

more later; i ought to head off to bed now.

if you stumble across this, say hi, wouldja?

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  1. I must say that I am envious.. I am a 58 year old single man, who always wanted to be a father. I just never want a wife, who would most probably afford me the honor and privilege. I might also mention that I am gay, but this day and age that should not present a problem. Only now I am sure my age would. So I wish you luck in your continued quest. I might also add that I was given up for adoption at a young age. You may read more about me if interested on my blog.. You haven’t written anymore here since you began, so I hope it is because you are too busy being a mommy. Best wishes for the upcoming holidays and for a life filled with the love and laughter of a child!!!

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